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About Us

Rutgers AIAA is the leading organization for undergraduate students who are interested in anything related to aerospace. Our members include engineers of many disciplines, including mechanical/aerospace, electrical, and computer, as well as many non-engineers such as computer science, physics and business majors. The club is open to anyone who has an interest in aerospace regardless of major, year, or experience level.

The club centers on our two competition teams:

RU Autonomous, who participates in the AUVSI SUAS competition. Their goal is to use off-the-shelf components and advanced electronics to create a flying unmanned system, or drone, to complete in the complex flight mission. They also must create a ground system to connect and interface with the plane.

RU Airborne, who has participated in the SAE Aero Design competition in the past and will be participating in the AIAA Design-Build-Fly (DBF) competition in the future. In the SAE Aero Design competition, their goal was to design a radio-controlled aircraft, from the ground up, which could carry as much weight as possible. The AIAA competition has similar objectives, but additional missions that vary each year and different constraints. Both challenges include aerodynamics analysis, 3D modeling, structural design, and airframe manufacturing.

Both of our teams then take their planes to their respective competitions, where they compete against colleges and universities from the United States and from around the world. To learn more about the competitions visit the projects page.

Besides the competition teams, we offer a range of opportunities to our members every year on both the technical and professional sides of the spectrum. Every fall we aim to offer training to all new members in in areas such as building R/C planes, basic aerodynamics, and 3D modeling. We are constantly building and improving our fleet of R/C planes, and flying them when the weather cooperates. New projects are picked by members of the club so everyone can find something to get involved in.

Throughout both semesters we also offer opportunities of a non-technical nature. Both of our competition teams include a writing and presentation component which gives members a chance to work on their communication and writing skills. We try to bring in guest speakers and corporate recruiters to teach our members about the opportunities available to them in the field of aerospace. Our senior members also provide advice and support for those who may be trying to find an internship at an aerospace company.

If you have any questions, or are interested in our club, please Contact Us.


Kevin Leiton (President)

Anthony DeOre (Vice President)

Ravi Bauer (Treasurer)

Deanna Hickman (Secretary)

Adam Moskowitz (EGC Representative)

Dylan Herman (RU Autonomous Team Lead)

Robert Panco (RU Airborne Team Lead)


Bobby Randolph (Operations Manager)

Ankita George (Web Master)